Michael Sauer Christensen

Michael Sauer Christensen is a very experienced Danish director and cinematographer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. He has worked all over the world shooting promos, commercials and music videos. Through his many years of experience and intimate understanding of the art of lighting, he brings together the highly technical aspects of production with the creative sensibilities of powerful storytelling.

He shoots and directs, when the job at hand fits the solution.

Delivering a keen artistic eye and strong understanding of story to his shooting techniques, he also brings considerable experience in operating Arri Alexa, Phantom and other digital systems – making him a very experienced DOP with both digital and film cinematic formats.

With more than 500 commercials and music videos, as dp and director, Michael is one of the most successful directing DPs in Denmark. He has also created sleek cinematic videos for some of the biggest artists in Scandinavia and Europe and worked with Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg, Beyoncé and many more.